Airbrush Tan - Instant Tanning Spray
Aerosol Spray
Contains 10% DHA
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Formulated and Distributed by Diomedics, Inc.

U.S. Patent Pending

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Aerosol Cleansing FormulaAirbrush Tan - Professional Bronzing FormulaAerosol Bronzing Formula

Airbrush Tan - Instant Self-Tanning
Airbrush Tan™
Professional Bronzing Formula™
  • Instant Self-Tanning
  • Quick Drying
  • Easy to Use
Airbrush Tan is an instant sunless tanning spray. The Airbrush Tan ™ professional bronzing formula ™ contains FDA approved DHA and other key ingredients to give you a dark sunless tan. Indoor tanning and sunless tanning are becoming increasingly popular and Airbrush Tan ™ gives you that rich golden tan without the harmful effects of the sun. When it comes to sunless tanning, Airbrush Tan ™ is the one that will give you that bronze tan that you've always wanted. There's no orange tint, no streaking, and no mess. Just a rich healthy tan.

Tanning Salons are using Airbrush Tan ™ to instantly give their clients a deep bronze tan. Airbrush Tan ™ can be used following tanning sessions to help lock in and instantly darken an existing tan. Tanning Salons are also using it to maintain and touch up existing tans. Airbrush Tan ™ is easy to use and is sure to be a hit in your Salon! Learn More

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