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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Are lasers more effective than LED's for light Therapy?

A. No, In fact the opposite is true. Everyone thinks lasers work better since they cost more when they are simply throwing away money. Once a laser light enters the skin it is no longer a collumated beam of light, it is basically the same as an LED. The advantage of the LED's are that they dispurse light up to 40 degrees at an angle so they cover a larger area. If you use a unit with several LED's you cover a much larger area at a time, which is very important when working with larger muscle groups. An infrared LED will actually penetrate much deeper than a red laser.

Q. What LED's penetrate the deepest?

A. The basic rule is that the higher the nm. or wavelength the deeper the penetration.

Q. Do I need to buy a larger unit to get results?

A. In most cases the answer is no. It is simply going to take you a longer time to treat the area. In some case such as back muscles we recommend the larger 185 LED pad in order to cover a larger area of muscle at one time, just seems to work better. It is also much easier to treat the back with a pad instead of a small hand held unit.

Q. Should I buy and AC or DC powered unit?

A. We always recommend the AC power unless you are using the unit out in the field such as for animal use etc. The reason for this is as the battery starts to run down you are going to lose power to the LED's making them a litlle less effective.

Q. Should I buy an FDA cleared unit or one of the cheaper knock off products?

A. You should always buy an FDA cleared product. If they will not show you their FDA clearance then do not buy it. All Devices used to treat the human body for any ailment must legally have FDA clearance. If they FDA catches these companies making and selling illegal medical devices they could actually come and take the unit you purchased from one of these companies.

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