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Service, Support & Parts

Service, Support, and Supplies

We service most light therapy devices and also carry parts for many. We can service or provide replacement parts for:

  • Quasar SequePulse and Baby Quasar
  • Youth Light 2010
  • Derma Master 8000
  • CosMedic
  • Lumiderm
  • PainX 2000
  • TriPower
  • PhotoActif
  • Rejuvalight

If you require service, and your unit is out of warranty, please contact us and inquire about our fix/replace service. We may be able to offer you a replacement device while we repair or upgrade your equipment.

We also offer upgrade service on Youth Light 2010 units. The upgrade includes a new circuit board, power supply, and super-luminous light wands. These upgrades are much more powerful than the original Youth Light.

Call our Service Dept. @ 352-450-3528


Light Therapy News

Diomedics, Inc.
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